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Welcome to Account Converge - where sales analysis is made simple

Welcome to Account Converge

Every account manager needs up-to-date and accurate data on their client database.

Account converge consolidates all your account information, direct from the Property Management System (PMS), into a powerful web application making it simple to view account productivity across multiple accounts, multiple geographic locations or multiple hotels.

Use Account Converge to:

  • View key indicators such as room nights and revenue within 24 hrs of end of month and without any double handling of data;
  • Overlay distribution information within hotel chains or groups of properties, identify production across all hotels quickly and simply, no need to wait for individual reports or data from each property;
  • Uncover new activity by easily tracking new account prospects;
  • Produce sophisticated and comprehensive reports for use in sales meetings or in client negotiations using a variety of reporting filters e.g. Market segment, Salesperson;
  • Track productivity to budgets for any period.

Who We Are

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Account Converge is developed by Intouch Data, who is a specialist database and data marketing solutions company for the hospitality industry. Intouch Data manages data for over 240 properties across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.


dataArc is ITD's guest history program, that provides you with a simple, web-based solution that delivers powerful analysis, reporting and revenue generating capabilities.


Add a new dimension to your guests’ data with demographic profiling, analysis and mapping.
Your guests’ data is given a third dimension with Radar, ITD’s geo-demographic profiling, analysis and mapping model.Radar segmentation and profiles are available as selection criteria on ITD’s dataArc guest history program.